KCR Keeps Everyone Guessing On Cabinet Formation

Tue Dec 18 2018 17:08:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

KCR is the most unpredictable of the leaders we have today. He can spring a surprise like no one. He has pulled of a stunning victory.  He vanquished even the biggest of the Congress leaders. After getting such a stupendous victory, he has kept everyone guessing about the composition of his ministry. Along with him, only Mahmood Ali as sworn in. After that, there is no activity on the ministry formation. There is a buzz that only eight other ministers would be sworn in and this mini-cabinet will function till the Lok Sabha elections.

There are indications that this time too, there would be no woman member in KCR cabinet. Padma Devendar Reddy, who was the deputy speaker last time, might be made the speaker. Nayani Narsimha Reddy, the outgoing home minister, would be sent to Rajya Sabha. Two of the eight ministers would be from KCR's household. They are Harish Rao and KTR. But, one thing is sure. Reddys would be given primacy in filling the posts.

The remaining posts would be filled after the Lok Sabha elections, say sources.