KCR's 2-Hour Meet With Governor Raises Tension In TDP

Thu Nov 08 2018 11:39:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

Chief Ministers meeting Governors is normal. But, what is abnormal is an interim chief minister getting closeted with the Governor for over two hours. Telangana CM KCR had met the Governor ostensibly to greet him on the occasion of Diwali the other day. But, unlike the 30 or 40 minute meet, this meeting had gone on for over two hours. Now, what was KCR talking to the Governor for over two hours? Usually, the meets are meant for the CMs to explain about Cabinet decisions. But, KCR is a care-taker CM and cannot take any key decision. They why this meeting and what was the meeting about?

While there is no rule that stops a care-taker CM to meet the Governor, eyebrows are bound to be raised because the meeting was one-on-one and went on for nearly two hours. Naturally, questions are being asked about the meeting. Remember KCR recently went to New Delhi for eye-testing? Though Hyderabad has the best eyecare facility, the CM chose to go to Delhi. The buzz is that he has met some top people in Delhi and had key exchange of notes on the Cash for Vote case. Chandrababu is involved neck-deep in this scandal. Ever since he returned from Delhi, the cash for vote scandal probe has picked pace. Was this the reason why KCR met Narasimhan? Did he ask Narasimhan, an old hand at the CBI and its former director, on how to go about the case? Did Narasimhan give him any advice on how to tame Chandrababu Naidu?

Political pundits suspect that the probe case may stop at Chandrababu's door and may even lead to his arrest. "There could be a breakdown in law and order and a crisis in AP. This could lead to President's rule in AP. This could be main reason for this meet," he said.