This History Will Surely Scare KCR

Thu Aug 23 2018 15:33:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

Here's is some statistic that might send shivers down the spine of master strategist KCR. If history is any indication, his attempt to call for snap polls might prove counter productive. Except one incidence, every time someone called for early polls in Telugu states, one ended up losing the elections.

AP had early polls sometimes because the ruling party dissolved the assembly or because the Centre has dissolved the assembly due to various reasons. Both ways, the end result is the same – the party that called for early polls had lost.

History tells us that till 1978, AP had always gone for polls as per schedule. When NTR took the state by storm with his Telugu Desam, the Congress went for snap polls. Instead of August 1983, the party called for polls in January 1983 itself. The result was there for all to see. The Congress was badly mauled by NTR juggernaut. In 1989, NTR went for early polls. He dissolved the assembly four months before the actual schedule and lost the elections. It was the Congress that came to power. In 1999 Chandrababu called for early polls to latch on to the BJP bandwagon, which was looking unassailable due to Kargil victory. Chandrababu won. But in 2003 November, he had dissolved the assembly hoping to cash in on the Alipiri attack on his life. But, the election commission went for polls as per schedule in 2004. In this election, the TDP and the BJP-led NDA were sent packing by the voters. Chandrababu and the BJP had to stay our of power for 10 years.  In 1985, however, NTR dissolved the assembly post Nadendla Bhaskar Rao episode and came back with thumping majority. But, that was a different time and he had the people's sympathy going in his favour.

KCR has none of it. So, going in for early polls could be a risky proportion for KCR.