It's Indians Front Not Third Front: KCR

Wed Mar 14 2018 20:15:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

CM KCR gave a clarification on why he entering national politics. He said that he is not proposing a Third Front but it is Indians Front.  When the members talked about the increase of reservations, CM KCR said that "When I announced that I'm entering national politics, some people misunderstood my move that I'm going to bring together two three regional parties for a Third Front to run the story.  But that's not true.  I'm not going to national politics for just like that.  I have a big agenda behind it.  This is not a Third Front.. or another front..this is Indians Front."

He said that his journey in national politics is going to be similar to Telangana agitation.  He said "When I started Telangana agitation, some people ridiculed me. But we have achieved victory. Similarly, this front will also become successful.  Then we can achieve reservations as per our requirements.  Then the lives of SCs, STs will change. Lives of people will not get better with the routine policies."

KCR gave clarity on Telangana Liberation Day on this occasion.  KCR made serious comments targeting BJP MLA Kishan Reddy.  He said that "These people named it as Telangana Liberation Day. They have a purpose behind it. Even the world knows it.  Telangana became democratic from Nizam rule.  That's not liberation.  Everybody will come up with a different name.  Telangana got merged into India.  Everybody knows the intention behind conducting Telangana Liberation Day.  The real Liberation Day for Telangana is June 2 and we'll celebrate the occasion on a grand scale.  The day our state liberated from Andhra leaders is the real liberation day.  If you ask us to conduct a liberation day which provokes the castes and religions, we'll not do it."

KCR clarified that he will not spare anybody who will pose a threat to the law and order.  He said that "Don't allow attempts to defame Telangana.  People should live with brotherly feeling.  These Rightists will depict that the state is liberated from Muslims.  That's BJP's perception. We don't have such perception.  Don't hurt the feeling of others.  We should take everybody forward.  Nothing is more than June 2.  We'll celebrate it."