Forget About B-Forms, Start Campaign!: KCR

Fri Sep 14 2018 14:01:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

There is a debate over change of names in the political circles ever since KCR announced the list of 105 MLA Candidates. Aspirants who were denied Tickets began lobbying aggressively for inclusion of their names. This development led to insecurity among the Candidates who were officially announced by the TRS Leadership.

Recently, KCR spoke with 30 MLA Candidates and enquired about the situation in their constituencies. He assured to them that there won't be any changes in the candidates list announced already.

Maintaining that Assembly Polls could happen at any moment, TRS Supremo directed the MLA Candidates to focus on campaigning without worrying about Election Commission Notification and B-Forms. A dictate has been passed that TRS Candidates should move as close as possible with the people of their constituencies from sunrise till sunset.