After Federal Front, KCR Plans National Party!

Mon Mar 18 2019 11:23:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

CM K Chandrasekhar Rao recalled how people made fun of him when he expressed his dream of Telangana statehood two decades ago. He added, 'See what happened Today. Telangana is ahead in all the aspects under TRS Rule post 2014'.

TRS Supremo declared he won't hesitate to float a National Party to bring a change in the national politics. He held Congress and BJP responsible for the dire situation in the country. KCR ridiculed BJP for projecting as if the Saffron Leaders & Workers alone are Hindus. He questioned why BJP has been criticising him for offering prayers and conducting yagas.

KCR accused BJP and Congress of failing to utilise 70,000 tmc of water in the country. He complained that Brijesh Kumar Tribunal hadn't settled the water dispute even after 15 years.

Reacting to the question 'What could he do with 16 MP Seats?', KCR told Federal Front have the support of 100 MPs. He asked critics to wait till the completion of elections to know what would happen. 'I am foraying into National Politics...Bless Me,' he appealed Telangana People while offering a call for BJP, Congress-Mukht Bharat.