Gandra, Jagga Reddy...Now Revanth..Who Will Be The Next?

Wed Sep 12 2018 18:23:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

Has KCR has begun the witch hunt? Has he launched a plan of action to silence the strongest voices within the Congress.? Is he trying to weaken the Congress by using the legal means and police cases?  Has KCR begun digging out old cases to trouble and torment the Congress leaders? Firstly, he dug out a case against Congress strongman Gandra Venkata Ramana Reddy. It is with regard to violation of Arms Act. Now, he has dug out a 2004 case against Sangareddy former MLA Jayaprakash Reddy aka Jagga Reddy.  This is with regard to human trafficking. Reddy has been charged with helping three persons to go to the US claiming to be his family members. He has reportedly pocketed Rs 15 lakh from them. Now, Jagga Reddy is beind the bars.

Interestingly, the TRS itself has two leaders - K Lingaiah and S Babu Rao, both former MLAs, involved in similar cases of human trafficking. Why KCR is leaving these two former MLAs, while targeting Jagga Reddy? Similarly, on Wednesday, the city police have begun hounding another MLA. This time the target is Revanth Reddy.  Revanth is being booked on charges of of irregularities in the Jubilee Hills Cooperative Society case. Notices have been served on Revanth and 12 others and they have been asked to appear for questioning in 15 days. This means that Revanth Reddy would have to fight both elections and cases together. This is being seen as a strategy to pin down Revanth Reddy, one of KCR's strongest critic, in cases.  Revanth being Revanth, replied that he would not be able to present himself before the officials as he is busy with electioneering in Kodangal.

Now, we need to see who wins this battle of wits - KCR or Revanth Reddy!!