KCR and Andhraites: What he says and he does?

Wed Oct 17 2018 19:26:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

KCR is a strange politician. He is the first politician to raise the issue of Andhra settlers. But, he is also the politician who tells the Andhraites not to think of themselves as Andhra people. Usually, none except KCR uses these epithets. On one hand, he uses the the word to whip up passions and on the other, he askes Andhraites not to feel themselves as being separate from the Telanganaites.

Remember how he used this name-calling technique to attack former CM Kiran Kumar Reddy. Kiran Kumar Reddy is a pucca Hyderabadi. He studied here, grew up here and all his life is associated with Hyderabad. Yet, he was termed an Andhraite and know who did it? It was none other than KCR himself.

Even in the upcoming elections, he is on one hand saying that Andhraites are part and parcel of Telangana and that they cannot be viewed separately. On the other hand, he is targeting Chandrababu and the TDP saying what business do Andhraites have to do in Telangana.

On Tuesday, when he released the manifesto, he said he had always asked settlers as to why they were unnecessarily claiming they are from Andhra.  He said he always asked them to claim theselves as Telanganites.