KCR's Message to Lazy Youth: Do Nothing, Get Married, Beget Children...

Thu Oct 18 2018 10:50:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

Gone are days when the poor toiled and the rich were spoilt for choices. Today, with competitive offering of freebees by the political parties, the poor need no longer sweat it out to eat two morsels. The parties have ensured that poverty is a luxury and those who are poor will be pampered to no end.

Come to think of it! The middle class toils all day in the office and earns a decent amount to make both the ens meet. But wait! He has to pay professional tax, income tax and what not. He goes to the market to buy something. The GST and the VAT dog him there. Even when one goes to the hospital, the GST refuses to leave you. His life is an unending saga of tax payment.

A middle class man may have to sweat it out to feed the Government with taxes. But, the government will use his sweat and blood to feed the 'poor'. Just look at what KCR is offering to the poor. According to a calculation circulating on the social media, if a family has a grand ma, two aged parents and an unemployed youth, they will end up with nothing less than Rs 15000 a month.  The grandma gets an old age pension of Rs 2016. If the mother is a beedi workers, she gets Rs 2016 per month. The father gets an old age pension of Rs 2016. The unemployed son will get an allowance of Rs 3016. Thus, their monthly income would be Rs 9064. Apart from these, the family will get fine rice and would be allocated a two-bed room flat. If two members of the family get two 2-bedroom flats, they can very well give one on rent.

Imagine a small farmer with just two acres of land. Even if he does not cultivate those lands, he will get Rs 20000 at the rate of Rs 10000 per acre.  If he leases the land to a tenant farmer, he would get at least Rs 15000 per season. If the unemployed youth gets married, his wife will get Kalyanalakshmi scheme. If the couple beget children, KCR will give them KCR Kit.

So, if KCR comes back, all you have to do is to get married and get children. That's all! You will get close to Rs 15000 a month from the Government. So, easy..What do you say!!