This Superstition Is Bugging KCR

Wed Jul 18 2018 21:42:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

That KCR is a master strategist is never in doubt. They way he keeps things close to his chest and the manner in which he sways passions is legion. When he crafts a strategy, it will be perfect. Even opponents are in awe of his mercurial ways and master strokes.

But, even KCR seems to be in a dilemma on the issue of going for early polls. Though his party has categorically said that it is all for common polls for assembly and Parliament and said it was ready for polls in November, KCR is said to be in two minds. Though he feels early elections could throw the Opposition into disarray and ensure a facile win for the TRS, he is worried about another thing. That is superstition. Everyone knows how superstitious KCR is. He has not gone to the secretariat because of bad vaastu.

The superstition bugging him is that no one who has gone for a snap poll or early election has won. Hence, KCR is afraid that he may meet the same fate. So, despite all the comments, he may not finally go ahead with the snap polls.