KE.. Your Comments Will Embarrass Babu!

Wed Jun 06 2018 16:50:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

AP Deputy CM KE Krishna Murthy made sensational comments. Ther politicians who are in the crucial positions should respond to the sensitive topics in a thoughtful manner but KE has made his comments casually.   His comments have become a hot topic in the ruling party in AP.  Political observers say that KE is specialist in landing Babu in trouble with his comments.  Though KE is holding a crucial position in the government and in the party, he often troubles Chandrababu.
Chandrababu is devising huge plans with a target of achieving power at any cost in 2019 general elections.  The leaders who are familiar with the TDP internal affairs are saying that Babu may go for a tie-up with Congress party in the upcoming elections.  As the elections are one year away from now, the decision will be taken based on the situations just before the elections.

Babu has no other option but to have an alliance with the Congress party because his party has been away from BJP and Jana Sena.  In such a scenario, a few TDP leaders are saying that Babu may take a sensational decision. KE has responded to this issue and it has become sensational now.

KE said that TDP will not have an alliance with Congress party.. if it happens, he is ready to commit suicide.  He added that this is not a personal opinion but he is saying it on behalf of the party.  As the issue is crucial to the party, Babu should respond to it but KE has given his response and it became an embarrassment for Babu.

On the other hand, KE said that he has grown in the politics with the affection of people.  He dared the opposition to contest against his family.. he said that it is not right to personally attack them.   He said that his family is not dominating the BCs in the Kurnool district.