Nene Raju,...Vade Mantri...KCR's New Slogan

Thu Oct 25 2018 19:50:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nene Raju...Vade Mantri.... (I am the king and he is going to be a minister).... No... this is not the title of an upcoming film. This is the clarification that TRS supremo KCR is giving to the party cadre.  He is asking the party cadre to tell the people loud and clear that he is going to remain the CM of Telangana and his son KTR will remain a Minister.

This clarification has become necessary as there is a very strong buzz that he might go to the national politics and make his son the Chief Minister of the state after the elections. This buzz has spread like a wild fire and is causing lot of damage to the party. He felt that this was actually proving counterproductive.

The Opposition has used the statement that KTR would become the CM to the hilt and has gone to the town telling that early polls were being brought only for this reason. Already, there is a negative feedback about KTR's abrasive working style and his harsh comments. So, KCR found that this statement has done lot of damage. Intel reports to this effect have also unnerved KCR. So, in order to bring the situation under control, KCR has now directed the party leaders to tell the peple that he would remain the CM and that KTR would remain a minister.  He also wants the people to understand that he would play national politics from Hyderabad itself and that he would not shift to New Delhi .