KTR Not Gonna Tolerate Cash-For-Tweets

Tue Mar 05 2019 10:50:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nothing seems to be working for the Telugu Desam Party at the moment. Recently, Cyberabad Police claimed to have found evidence over involvement of TDP in the Data Fraud Case. And now, The 36-Year-Old Party is in news for Cash-For-Tweets Scam.

TRS Leaders allege Telugu Desam has been resorting to 'Paid Tweets' for damaging the reputation of the Telangana Government. Showing evidence to prove the allegations are true, Complaints have been filed with Cyber Crime Department and Twitter. None other than TRS Working President confirmed this development.

KTR alleged that the Tweet conveying AP Government Data was stolen by Telangana Government was circulated through hundreds of social media accounts. He added, 'Tweets were placed from countries which are no way related to AP. They have been placed from different parts of the country as well. Posts were placed on the Facebook Accounts with high number of followers. We won't take this matter lightly'.

Ahead of the 2019 Elections, An intense battle between TDP and TRS looks inevitable. The version public gonna trust is going to be the key here...!