Another International Summit in Hyderabad

Thu Jan 11 2018 19:14:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

The brand image of Hyderabad increased multifold with the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Now, Telangana Government is going to organize yet another International Summit in its capital.

WCIT (World Congress on Information Technology) Summit is going to happen in Hyderabad soon. Telangana IT Minister Today held a meeting with representatives of Indian IT body NASSCOM and WITSA. Post the meeting, KTR proudly announced WCIT Summit is being planned in Hyderabad from February 19th to 21st, 2018. 'Around 2,500 representatives from across the World will be attending WCIT Summit. Over 500 delegates from US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria, South Africa, Taiwan and America would grace the conference. Hyderabad holds a special place in IT Field. We are planning to conduct the Summit in a grand manner by inviting Prime Minister Narendra Modi,' he informed.

NASSCOM President Chandrasekhar thanked Telangana Government for hosting WCIT Summit. 'WCIT Summit is like Olympics in IT. Apart from WCIT, NASSCOM Leadership Awards will be presented'.

WITSA Chairman Yvonne Chiu claimed to be happy with Hyderabad becoming the venue for WCIT Summit which brings together Tech honchos & IT Professionals.