KTR Slams RTC Over Piracy

Mon Apr 16 2018 14:28:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telangana IT Minister, KTR has always been very measured in his speech and never crossed the social and society obligatory standards of speech ever.

But when a cinema lover complained to KTR about the piracy being encouraged on RTC bus, he lost his cool.
He is known for responding quickly on issues over social media and he did the same.

A cinema lover, expressed his disgust over a RTC bus from Bengaluru to Hyderabad, playing piracy CD of KrishnaArjuna Yuddham, Nani's latest release.

"@NameisNani @tsrtc @KTRTRS privacy failure on bus travel. Garuda Volvo bus trip to Bengaluru from hyd. How can you ask a common man avoid privacy when an institute fails. Movie released yesterday. #krishnarjunayudham #avoidprivacy details of bus can be given on DM "

Immediately, KTR reacted to this tweet and asked JMD of RTC to prevent such irresponsible acts.

"That’s extremely irresponsible on the part of the @TSRTCHQ staff of this bus. Request JMD of @TSRTCHQ to make sure to act and prevent recurrence "

KTR seemed to have lost his composure looking at such behaviour from RTC, as he used strong words to condemn it.