Kamal Haasan's Fear To Announce Political Plans

Thu Jan 11 2018 22:16:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kamal Haasan is a well-read film actor and the supremely talented person that he has knack of looking at things like no one else. He did announce an entry into politics but did not mention anything about when or what he will do.

In Tamil weekly Ananda Vikatan, he wrote an article, about his plans and answered to his fans, why he is taking such time to announce his party name or plans.

He said, "I am cautiously treading on the path as there is always a fear that your rival can grab your script and make the film even before you start shooting. In cinema this fear holds true but with my observations over the years, it holds true for politics too."

Many are thinking he is referring to his friend and rival, Superstar Rajnikanth who announced his entry into politics as well.

He further said, "I don't want to be off guard to give rivals an ace, up-their-sleeves that will help them to win over me by executing my own plans against me. I need to take ample time and guidance to bring the right direction to my plans at the right time to convert it into a win."

He then also talked about his long-term cordial rivalry and friendship with Rajnikanth could be affected in the politics. He said, "I will be highly cautious and won't degrade myself with derogatory comments and stoop to the usual level of others." Well, he is referred to as Andavar, by his fans and we have to say, he is handling things with great caution and maturity to not give any person a chance to win the battle against him even before the game starts.