Kanna Reveals Rahul Angle In Babu Eagerness

Thu May 31 2018 15:26:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kanna Lakshmi Narayana is known as the senior Congress party leader to the people of AP.  Everybody knows what he did for the people during the bifurcation of the state.  He was silent at that time he justifies his actions by saying that he couldn't fight because he was a single man. When each and every AP leader thought the same the situation went to the extreme.

We all know that Kanna shifted his loyalties from Congress to BJP after the bifurcation to escape from the political suicide.  BJP leadership recently understood the dissatisfaction of Kanna because he was not given importance in the party though he was with BJP for the last four years.  So, they made him AP BJP president.

He became very active after becoming BJP president.  He is interacting with the media on daily basis.  In a recent development, he has fired on AP CM Chandrababu Naidu.  Kanna never leaves the chance to criticise Babu, he has increased the dose because he is BJP president now.  

While slamming Chandrababu, he revealed an interesting thing. He said that Babu is seriously trying to contest the elections in AP with Congress party and the alliance has been finalised between the two parties.  Kanna revealed this information during a TV channel debate on Wednesday.  He said that Chandrababu is seriously trying to get closer to Rahul Gandhi by continuously targeting BJP top leadership.

He said that his party doesn't need an alliance with another party in 2019 elections.  He exuded confidence that they will win the elections by contesting alone. He said that people are believing that the state will be developed if they vote for the national party.

He said that Babu increased his criticism on Modi.. Amit Shah to impress Rahul.  That's fine but what is the main reason behind Kanna's criticism?