Chota Boss Assures Steel Plant In Kadapa

Thu Jun 14 2018 17:55:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

AP BJP Chief Kanna Lakshminarayana claimed Centre took the responsibility to establish Steel Plant in Kadapa. 'When Centre directed AP Officials to study the possibility of setting up Steel Plant in Kadapa, TDP Government sent a report saying it's not feasible. Amit Shah has been personally looking after the proposal. He did convince Modi saying that the backward district needs Steel Plant. Even a Task Force was constituted to reconsider the proposal. If AP Govt and Mekan Group submits the report quickly, Centre would initiate the work of Steel Plant,' he asserted.

Kanna clarified Centre hasn't informed Supreme Court that Steel Plant in Kadapa isn't possible. 'Nobody has to make any sacrifices…TDP Leaders need to stop enacting dramas. State Government has been trying to deceive people with false allegations,' opined the Former Minister.

Who is gonna believe the assurance given by Kanna? Either Amit Shah or Narendra Modi should make such an announcement regarding Kadapa Steel Plant. Is BJP Leadership willing to do so?