Mr.Pawan Kalyan - You Can't Become CM!

Thu Aug 09 2018 13:42:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telugu Desam Party Leaders made it a habit to target Pawan Kalyan be it any issue. Once again, They have done so to give an impression that he can't be CM of Andhra Pradesh.

TDP held protest demanding inclusion of SC/ST Atrocities Act in Schedule 9 of the Constitution during the ongoing Parliament Session to safeguard the rights of Dalits. They questioned how can attempts be made to make SC/ST Act ineffective when attacks on Dalits were happening in the country every 15 minutes.

On this occasion, TDP Dalit Ministers commented: 'Mister Pawan Kalyan…You can't become Chief Minister. First of all, You need to earn a place in the hearts of people. All the Film Stars can't be CMs. Only NTR managed to do so'.

Why don't TDP Leaders focus on the actual issue instead of getting distracted? What is the need for targeting PK or talking about CM Post in such a situation? It could be an attempt made for enough media coverage or due to insecurity.