PK - Don't Make Jana Sena Into Kapu Party!

Thu May 24 2018 19:42:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kathi Mahesh is back on Facebook almost after one month. He now shared a Facebook Video expressing his views on Kapu Tag of Jana Sena Party.

While responding over 'Jana Sena's Kapu Branding', Kathi Mahesh pointed out, 'Almost 90 percent or 7-8 out of 10 Core Members of Jana Sena belong to Kapu Community. Pawan Kalyan should offer representation for Leaders of other castes to avoid Kapu branding. Unfortunately, There isn't even a single Dalit in the list of leaders officially announced by Jana Sena so far. Then, How can anyone believe if someone says Pawan isn't anti-Dalit?'.

At the same time, Kathi maintained there is nothing wrong about Kapus wishing to see Pawan Kalyan as the next Chief Minister of AP. 'To make Kapu Consolidation happen, Pawan Kalyan has to accept that Jana Sena is a Kapu Party or Kapu-dominated Party. He can cater 50 percent seats/posts to Kapus and offering remaining to Dalits, Minorities & others. If Jana Sena can form alliance with BSP which has good presence at the grassroots level and offer adequate seats to Dalits & other weaker sections, It could be a game changer. Coming to power will be difficult if Kapus alone were given preference. Kapus can influence the result only in 40 Constituencies and win in not more than 10-12 of them. Jana Sena can't form the Government if Kapus alone vote for it. Pawan Kalyan should be a representative of Kapus, Dalits, Muslims & other Castes which doesn't have proper representation to emerge as third alternative. Or else, It's gonna be a waste of time. So, Pawan Kalyan need to ensure Jana Sena doesn't become Kapu Party,' he suggested.