Accounts Blocked, So What? Kathi Opens New Profiles!

Tue Apr 24 2018 16:48:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kathi Mahesh got the shock of his life after he dared to abuse a celebrity on Social Media. Within hours after announcing 'If Fans abuse Me, I will abuse Pawan in the same manner', The official Twitter and Facebook Handles of this so-called Film Critic were blocked.

Pawan Fans brought to the notice of Twitter and Facebook about the rants of Kathi Mahesh soon after he issued such a warning. Within short time, The official handles of the Critic were deactivated by the Social Networking Sites. This is something similar to what happened in the case of controversial Bollywood's self-proclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan.

Whatever might happen, Kathi will be Kathi...Expecting this man to change even a bit is like wasting your time focusing on him. He created new profiles after the blocking and continued the rants on Powerstar.