Undavalli - Retired Teacher, PK - Innocent Student!

Mon Feb 12 2018 18:21:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

While reacting on the newly formed Joint Fact Finding Committee (JFFC), Kathi Mahesh advised Pawan Kalyan need to stop time pass politics. He alleged Jana Sena Chief never took part in the agitations staged by Left Parties and Intellectuals like Chalasani Srinivas for Special Category Status.

Kathi Mahesh: 'I felt happen when Pawan Kalyan announced JAC but involving the Leaders who are already fighting against injustice to AP has surprised Me. Nothing wrong about PK using the knowledge of JP and Undavalli. But, What facts does Pawan Kalyan need? Has Chandrababu who accepted Special Package told him how much funds did Centre offer? Why would TDP offer statistics to Pawan Kalyan after 3 years? He should have preferred Right To Information Act for obtaining details. What did Centre offer to AP in every budget is already in public domain. Why does he wastes people's time with JFFC instead of using that info? Nothing could be found with this new research. If he really wishes to take part in the movement, Let him fight for the promises which had been made. If he does that, I would accompany Pawan during his Delhi trip to fight for AP'.

The critic described Undavalli as Retired Teacher who is enthusiastic and Pawan Kalyan as Innocent Student. He opined Andhrites lack the patience to listen to the classes of Pawan and Undavalli. Kathi dared to call Jayaprakash Narayan as a failed model. He went on to say JP is just an IAS who can offer nothing but few suggestions & no movements had been led by him so far.

Kathi Mahesh declared People of AP are ready to walk behind Pawan Kalyan if he have sincerity. He disapproved the conversion of JAC into JFFC.