Kathi withdraws Complaint, Issue with PK Fans resolved!

Sat Jan 20 2018 09:32:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kathi Mahesh and Pawan Fans reached a compromise finally during a prime time debate organized by a News Channel. Following which, The Film Critic has withdrawn the police complaint he filed against Pawan Fans in Madhapur Police Station.

Post the withdrawal, Kathi Mahesh opined most of the comments he made will actually benefit Jana Sena if accepted them in the right spirit but Fans weren't even able to realize it. 'Pawan Kalyan himself says there will be criticism in Politics. Why don't Fans accept this fact?,' he questioned.

Madhapur Police: 'Kathi Mahesh has withdrawn the police complaint saying he don't need any clashes with Pawan Kalyan. After filing the case, We had identified the people who pelted eggs on Kathi Mahesh'.

BJP Leader who intervened in the issue says, 'Kathi Mahesh agreed to withdraw the complaint and not to make any comments about Pawan Kalyan's personal life. 99 percent of the issue is resolved and there won't be any further problem'.

Youth who attached Kathi Mahesh with eggs said, 'Actually, We didn't intend to attack…it happened unexpectedly. We threw eggs at him as he refused to let us talk with him. We hope Kathi Mahesh will remain silent after withdrawing the case. I appeal Pawan Fans not to take any hasty decisions'.

Kathi Mahesh: 'Transformation of Fans into Party Activists isn't happening properly in Jana Sena. It is their choice to issue an apology or not over the attack which happened on Me. The letter issued by Pawan Kalyan is the need of the hour. If anybody abuses Me from now, I will show the letter issued by Pawan Kalyan to them. If I wish to hold grudge on anyone, I wouldn't have withdrawn the case. Being a Dalit representative, I am not that cruel to send Dalit Youngsters behind the bars. When they are ready to apologize, We should have the big heart to accept it'.