Jana Sena - A Gaali Party With Verri Fans!

Thu Dec 14 2017 18:07:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kathi Mahesh continues to annoy Pawan Fans with his rude comments on Jana Sena Party. This time, He described the four-year-old political outfit as 'Gaali Party'.

The Film Critic explained the difference between Presidents of other Parties and Jana Sena Chief. He advised those who wishes to last for long in politics to have patience. 'Only those who are willing to receive criticism are eligible to enter Politics. All the people willn't be of same type. Some people might like few individuals and some mayn't. These days, People aren't becoming Party Workers because of ideologies. Film Glamour, Caste, Religion, Region, Personal Admiration and Dynasty have been influencing people a lot. Defending those we admire & abusing others has become a trend in the society. Only those Leaders who respect the views of all the sections of people can alone survive in politics,' he opined.

Taking a dig at Pawan Fans, Mahesh Kathi said: 'People usually speak badly about Chandrababu, Jagan, Modi, Sonia and Rahul. Whereas, Those Leaders or their Parties or Followers doesn't attack or abuse Critics. Social Media is full off Jagan's Rs 1 lakh crore ill-gotten money and Chandrababu's Rs 2 lakh crore corruption. Whereas, Either Jagan or Chandrababu doesn't launch counter attack but maintain restraint. That's why those Leaders have been in politics for decades. Whereas, Jana Sena Party don't have such qualities. Those who criticize Pawan Kalyan will be abused with unparliamentary words and they even resort to physical assaults. But, Pawan Kalyan isn't controlling his Fans. In Politics, Rowdism won't yield results. There can't be a better example to say Jana Sena is unfit for politics. It's just a gaali party...verri fans have already proved it! Jana Sena will vanish just alike Praja Rajyam after 2019 Polls. At least now, Fans should change their path else Pawan Kalyan will meet the same fate of Chiranjeevi,' he predicted.