I Will Join Pawan Kalyan's Indefinite Fast!

Wed Mar 14 2018 22:20:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kathi Mahesh offered to join the indefinite fast of Pawan Kalyan for Special Category Status if the Actor-turned-Politician fulfills his assurance. 'If Pawan Kalyan takes up hunger strike, I am ready to join him. Special Status is AP's right,' he said.

Interestingly, The Film Critic welcomed the power-packed speech of Pawan Kalyan in Today's meeting. He appreciated the Jana Sena Chief saying many valuable decisions has been taken by him.

Upon listening to the speech, Kathi Mahesh opined, 'Don't you think the apology which has to be issued by Chandrababu Naidu to the people was conveyed by Pawan Kalyan? Finally, Pawan raised few questions. It should have been better had if he reacted on these things soon after they happened. What will be the use of complaining about them now? Oh..Election is our goal. Good, At least there is a goal now'.

Kathi alleged Chandrababu Naidu has mobilized funds to spend Rs 30 crore on each Assembly Seat and Rs 100 crore on each Parliament Seat in 2019 Polls. 'Whether to get sold or not is the choice people have to make,' he commented