Watch: Youth pays the price for Baahubali feat!

Wed Nov 15 2017 12:15:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

Stunts performed in Films are done under the supervision of Expert or created using Visual Effects. Attempting them by common man is like putting his/her life at risk. A Kerala Youth paid the price for trying to recreate the Baahubali feat.

Jinu John, a Youth, gets closer to the elephant and began feeding it bananas. Upon eating one banana, The giant creature puts forth its trunk to convey that it want some more. Then, The Man offers it few more and plants a kiss on its trunk by holding its tusks. Elated by the feat, He attempts it again even though his friends who are live-streaming the entire incident on Facebook warned him - 'Don't do that…You are drunk…The elephant will go mad'. This time, The elephant makes him fly in the air and fall at a distance of 10 feet with just on swift moment. He fell unconscious and wasn't able to move at all.

This incident happened at Karimannoor in Idukki district on Sunday. Jinu Johu was admitted to hospital and Cops were trying to trace the men who shot the footage. Though Facebook live footage was removed, The video went viral on social media.