Knew That BJP Forms Govt in Karnataka: PK

Thu May 17 2018 21:40:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan claimed he knew in advance that BJP would form the Government irrespective of the seats it's gonna win in Karnataka Assembly Polls 2018. 'Few Officials informed Me about the strategies of BJP to come back to power. Even if BJP won just 85 seats and JD (S) managed to get 40 seats, The National Party would have formed the Government. If you ask Me if it's right or wrong, There are few drawbacks in everyone. Democratic procedures have been neglected some way or the other since decades. Not just BJP alone, Even TDP, YCP and all the other parties have been doing the same thing. I am one of those who wish to see the end of poaching of MLAs and money dealings in politics,' he said.

Today, Pawan informed he would kickstart Jana Sena Porata Yatra from Ichapuram on May 20th. This yatra covering all the Districts will last for a period of 45 days.

Jana Sena Chief blamed BJP for denying Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh and neglecting other bifurcation promises. He felt bad about the backwardness of Uttar Andhra. PK stressed the need for Government which have political accountability. He opined People are in dire state because of the negligence shown by the Rulers.