Match-Box Is A Public Property Now

Mon Nov 26 2018 12:00:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

Match Box... This is the election symbol of Prof. Kodandaram's Telangana Jana Samithi. But, if you look at the list of the candidates and the symbols allotted to them, there are 111 candidates, most of them independents, with the symbol of match-box. Everyone knows that the TJS is contesting just four seats out of 119 seats in the Telangana assembly. So, who are the other 107 candidates with match-box symbol?

It turns out that while asking for match-box symbol, Prof Kodandaram told the Election Commission that his party would contest 111 seats and wanted match box symbol to be allotted to his candidates. However, the party is now contesting just four seats. So, the election commission has now decided to allot those symbols to independents who ask for that symbol. So there are many candidates with match box symbol, but do not belong to TJS.

Lack of proper planning, absence of foresight have ensured that the TJS is now reduced to a mere joke. His symbol is now a public property. Now, no one is bothering about Prof. Kodandaram. The Congress has rendered him completely ineffectual.