Kodandaram - Don't Be Too Greedy!

Sat Sep 22 2018 14:33:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mahakutami has materialized in Telangana after several rounds of talks between Congress, TDP, CPI and TJS. Parties have come to an understanding that they should demand only the seats it have a good possibility of winning.

Initially, TDP contemplated on contesting in 30-35 seats. In the end, The count has been brought down to 19 to be realistic. Even CPI is willing to field candidates in just around 5 constituencies. Whereas, Kodandaram has been demanding not less than 25 seats for Telangana Jana Samithi. Congress mayn't be able to contest in more than 70 seats if it accepts the demands of all these parties.

In reality, Telangana Jana Samithi have organizational structure only in 4-5 districts. It even lacks enough candidates who could give a tough fight to the TRS. Still, Kodandaram is reluctant to compromise. If the Professor doesn't opt for a compromise, There is every possibility of Congress, TDP and TJS going ahead.