What Next For Kodandaram?

Sat Nov 17 2018 16:41:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

In one political master stroke, the Congress has reduced prof. Kodandaram to a non-entity. He is suddenly a nowhere man. He cannot contest from his preferred seat of Janagam. Eight of his party candidates have been given seats. The other alliance partners are contesting the seats allocated to them. So, where does all this leave Kodandaram? He has no seat to fight. His only duty is to campaign for everyone, including Ponnala Lakshmaiah, who unseated him in Janagam.

Though officially, he is likely to be made convener of the Maha Kutami, that post is of no value as each alliance partner is on its own and has its own high commands to listen to. So, he would be in a position that offers no real power. If the Maha Kutami does not get the requisite number of seats, then he has only political wilderness to live with. He has to simply walk into the sunset. Even if Maha Kutami musters the required numbers and forms the government, Kodandaram cannot become the Chief Minister as he is not even an MLA. He may be made a minister, but that again depends on whether the TJS MLAs stay with him. In all probability, the Congress will wean a majority of them.

Now the question is, has Kodandaram been pushed out and requested to sit out this time? Whatever, the end result is that Kodandaram is not in the fray. Prior to this, there was high drama as Ponnala camped in Delhi, met Rahul Gandhi and explained him the need for giving the seat to him. Then the Congress agreed to give the ticket to Ponnala. Then it started its special operation. Key Congress leaders like RC Kunthia, PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy and Ponnala met Kodandaram and held discussions for over three hours. Later, Kodanda was asked to make way for Ponnala. Now, it remains to be seen if any of the TJS candidates in the seats allocated to it, vacates it and makes way for Kondanda. The TJS is contesting from Medak, Dubbak, Siddipet, Malkajgiri, Vardhannapet and Ambarpet. Two more seats are yet to be decided.