Congress Made Kodanda Realize What It Is!

Sun Nov 18 2018 16:06:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

The role of Prof.Kodandaram in the Telangana Movement is unforgettable. He succeeded in bringing Student Unions, Government Staff, Political Parties and people from all walks of life together as Telangana JAC Convenor to fight for one common agenda. He was the one who turned down the proposal of KCR to contest as MP or MLA in 2014 Elections. By the time of 2018 Polls, The Professor floated Telangana Jana Samithi and joined Mahakutami with the goal to defeat TRS Government.

Prof.Kodandaram assumed he could dictate terms to Congress while joining the Grand Alliance but he began realizing slowly that it's never easy to deal with the National Party. Congress hadn't only refused to offer 25 seats demanded by him but also didn't allot preferred constituency (Jangaon). This situation has forced him to stay away from the contest and restrict his role to campaigning.

Congress Party made Kodandaram believe that Jangaon ticket will be allotted to him till the release of First List of Candidates. This when Congress-mark Protests began in Jangaon Constituency. Rahul Gandhi intervened to convince Kodandaram to leave Jangaon Seat for Ponnala by promising respectable post after the elections. Kodandaram couldn't walk out of Mahakutami as it's too late by then and hence accepted the proposal. That's how TJS Chief came to know about Congress-mark Politics in a span of two months.