Kohli's straight question to Bangalore Molesters

Fri Jan 06 2017 12:59:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

A nationwide uproar over the mass molestation in Bangalore on the eve of New Year continues. Several prominent personalities has condemned it. Now, Virat Kohli has come forward to convey his heartfelt message.

The Indian Test Skipper termed the mass molestation in Bangalore as disturbing. He went on to describe the bystanders who hasn't come to the rescue of the victims as cowards. 'They have no right to call themselves as Men. I have only one question…If something like that happens to someone in your family, Would you stand and watch or you will help? These things are allowed to happen. Wearing short clothes is personal choice of women. But, Few people see it as an opportunity to something and get away with it. And people in power trying to defend it is absolutely horrible. I am ashamed to be part of that society.  This country should be safe & equal for all. Women shouldn't be treated differently. Let's stand together & put an end to such pathetic acts. Change your thinking and the world will change around you. Jai Hind,' says Kohli.

On the decision of MSD to step down as skipper of ODI & T20 Side, Kohli responded, 'Thanks for always being the leader a youngster wants to have around him. You'll always be my captain @msdhoni Bhai'.