Land For IASes, IPSes! What About Capital Farmers?

Sat Feb 16 2019 16:43:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

TDP Government offered housing sites in AP Capital to all the IAS and IPS Officials. Each one of them will be receiving 500 square yards of land in Thullur, Guntur District.

Registration process of the plots allotted to IAS, IPS Officers in AP Capital begun on Friday. First Registration was for Guntur District Collector Kona Sasidar, Last Registration was for Chief Secretary of Home Department Anuradha. So far, Registration to plots allotted for 20 Officials has been completed.

AP Capital Farmers aren't happy with the ongoing developments. They complain that Government has been carrying out registrations for plots allotted to Officials in a hurry without bothering about the issues faced by them.

Thullur Registrar refused to disclose the details of the Officials who completed registration of housing plots citing orders from higher officials.

A Beneficiary of Housing Scheme, 'What's been Govt doing in people's capital? Poor People were made to pay double amount. Whereas, Officials were offered Rs 28,000 per Sq Yard land for just Rs 4,000'.

A Woman Farmer complained that nobody bothers about the farmers who took up indefinite fast 3 days ago but officials are in a hurry to bag Housing Plots.