Presidential Polls: Lawmakers can't carry Pen!

Sun Jul 16 2017 22:10:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

Presidential Polls are scheduled to happen Tomorrow (July 17th, 2017). Lawmakers, be it MLAs or MPs, needn't carry their personal pens to the voting chamber to cast their vote.

Election Commission informed Legislators and Parliamentarians that they would be offered 'special marker' to vote on their ballot papers.

Polling Staff collects personal pens from Lawmakers before they enter the Voting Chamber. Then, They would be provided a Special Pen to vote on the ballot paper. These serial-numbered pens consist of violet ink. Polling Staff will take back the pen from Lawmakers after they step out of the voting chamber.

EC made it clear Voting done with any other pen will be considered as invalid during counting process under Presidential and Vice Presidential Elections Rules, 1974.