Viral: Producer forces Model to spend 5 Min with him!

Sun Oct 15 2017 12:24:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

As many as 40 Actresses and Models have accused Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein of sexually harassing them over a period of time. New York Times went a step ahead and released the sting tape in which this Movie Mogul was harassing Italian Model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez.

In the video, Harvey Weinstein can be heard trying to lure Amber into his hotel room. He lists the names of Actresses whom he helped career-wise and offers to do the same for Amber. When she persisted, Harvey Weinstein cautioned her not to spoil the friendship with him for just 5 minutes.

Then, Harvey Weinstein asked Amber to be in his hotel room when he takes the shower. After repeatedly saying No, She succumbs to her demand.

Harvey Weinstein: I'm telling you right now, get in here.

Amber: What do we have to do here?

Harvey Weinstein: Nothing, I'm gonna take a shower. You sit there and have a drink.

Amber: No, I don't want to. Yesterday was kind of aggressive for me. I don't want to be touched. Why did you try to press my B**** yesterday?

Harvey Weinstein: I am used to that...!

Amber: You're used to that? But, I am not used to that!