Regional Parties To Play Key Role Post 2019 Polls

Thu Aug 23 2018 12:29:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

The regional parties were once limited to their respective states and were focusing only on their areas of influence. Rarely did they play a key role at the national level. One reason why they could not influence the national politics the way they should have is the disunity among the regional parties. Hunger for power has kept them divided and the race for ministerial posts also kept them fighting one another.

But, the situation is now slowly changing. National parties like the Congress and the Left have become considerably weak. The BJP, though in power with absolute majority in Parliament, feels it would need allies in 2019.  So, both the Congress and the BJP are now trying to bring in regional parties  in their scheme of things. Especially, the BJP has become quite unpopular due to its decisions like demonetization and the GST and the people are unhappy with it. Hence, surveys are showing that the BJP is n the wane. Surveys say that the NDA alliance would get around 224 seats and the Congress-led alliance would get around 224 seats.  Neutral parties and independents would win around 91 seats.Given this scenario, the regional parties might play a very crucial role in the post-2019 scenario.