BJP MLA's Wife Rooting For Pawan's Victory

Sat May 26 2018 22:24:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

Rajahmundry City MLA Akula Satyanarayana's Wife Lakshmi Padmavati observed one-day hunger strike to express her solidarity to none other than Pawan Kalyan.

BJP MLA's Wife claims to be a die-hard fan of Pawan Kalyan since many years. She now came forward to extend her support to Jana Sena Chief who is fighting for the well-being of Uddanam Kidney Victims. She claims to be least bothered about the party to which her husband is associated with in this matter.

When quizzed if her Hubby raised any objection to her stand, Lakshmi Padmavati clarified there is no such restrictions what-so-ever. She has gone to extent of saying Jana Sena should form the government in 2019.

What would be the reaction of Akula Satyanarayana to the comments made by his wife? Will he approve it or condemn it? What could be the actual intention of the Legislator's Better Half? Any Guesses???