Mahesh Kathi's Birthday Gift for PK

Tue Dec 12 2017 09:40:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

During his 4-Days Yatra, Pawan Kalyan pledged he won't spare anyone who backstabbed his Brother Chiranjeevi and forced him to shut down Praja Rajyam Party. Particularly, He mentioned the name of Parakala Prabhakar while making this comment.

Now, Mahesh Kathi offered free advise to Pawan Kalyan so that he can settle scores with Parakala Prabhakar and does something good to the people. 'Parakala Prabhakar was the chairman of Godavari Pushkara Committee when 29 people died in stampede only because of shooting. CY Somayajulu Committee constituted by Government hasn't disclosed who is responsible for the deaths of so many people. If those facts were revealed, Parakala Prabhakar will be out. Let's bring a people's movement..So that justice will be done to the victims of Godavari Pushkar Victims. You can fulfill your grudge as well...Is that okay?,' he questioned PK.

Interestingly, The Film Critics hasn't given sufficient time for Powerstar to either accept or reject his suggestion. He went on to say while sharing a picture of Parakala Prabhakar, 'It won't be okay for You (PK). You don't have that much courage. You just satisfy your ego by provoking your fans on people like Me. You and Your Advisors are unfit for Politics and Social Service. Take it from me. This is my birthday gift for you…'.