Why Did Didi Not Congratulate Rahul Gandhi On Victory?

Sat Dec 15 2018 12:53:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is Mamta Banerjee trying to put a stop to the efforts aimed at forming a non-BJP political front? If so, why is she doing it?

It is interesting to note that Mamta Banerjee is perhaps the only regional leader who has not congratulated Rahul Gandhi and the Congress on winning the three states. She did not even issue a statement or tweet. Every other regional party has congratulated the Congress Party, but not Mamta.

Though Mamta had met Sonia Gandhi several times and wanted the Congress to be the pivot of anti-BJP front, now her stand seems to be different. It is clear that Mamta's real aim is to become the prime Minister and she knows that if the Congress gets around 150 seats, it would help Rahul Gandhi lay a claim for the post. Hence, she feels a strong Congress may dim her chances of becoming the PM. She wants the third front to be stronger so that she stands at least an outside chance of becoming the PM.  She is looking at Telangana election results where the TRS has won a landslide. She feels she can unite parties like SP, BSP, BJD and the TRS, which do not want to join hands with the Congress and lead them. She is looking at an alternative alliance which can actually keep both the Congress and the BJP at bay.

So, what is Didi's next move?