Maruthi's Strong Counter To Female Reporter

Fri Apr 12 2019 11:56:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

A section of media made a hue & cry over Pawan Kalyan jumping the queue when he had come to cast his vote at a polling booth in Vijayawada Yesterday.

A CNN News Correspondent questioned, 'How is he even a CM Candidate if he doesn't even follow the basic queue? Angry voters lash out at Pawan Kalyan'.

Director Maruthi responded seriously over the manner in which media has been trying to sensationalise things rather than accepting the reality. He questioned, 'If surrounded situation is like that, Can Pawan Kalyan garu create more ruckus by standing at queue? At least listen properly what the red shirt person at the location in queue was saying. Why u cut down his voice in middle?'.

There was so much hungama when Pawan Kalyan reached the polling booth with too many people surrounding him. Had if he joined the queue, Fellow voters could have been severe inconvenience. Why does Media try to sensationalise everything?