Media Sought Clarity - Radha Breathes Fire!

Thu Jan 24 2019 16:26:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

Vangaveeti Radha asked media to wait for 2 days to announce his future plans after offering resignation to YSR Congress Party. Today, The Ex-MLA held a press conference only to explain why he tendered resignation to the Main Opposition. The manner in which he behaved with media persons raised many eye-brows.

When a journalist sought clarity over the reports of his entry into TDP & if any such move fulfills his Father's Goals, Radha issued a warning by pointing finger at him. He questioned how could Journalists ask such a question though he never talked about joining TDP. He didn't even hesitate to comment that Journalists would do anything for the sake of TRPs.

To the question if TDP Leadership is trying own Kapus by welcoming him into the party, Radha shot back: 'Are all those behind Me belong to only Kapu Community? Kapus and Ranga Fans are in all the should realize it'.

Radha refused to offer any clarity on the party which will be preferred by him. He kept repeating the reasons for his exit from YCP during the half-an-hour press meet.

The former MLA expressed his anguish when a Lady Journalist questioned how could he threaten them. Few Journalists regretted coming for the press conference after such a rude behaviour.