Media Won't Be Allowed If BJP Is Losing?

Wed Mar 14 2018 15:52:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

The people in power shouldn't commit some mistakes.  But the BJP government which is ruling India is doing mistake after a mistake.  People of India will excuse mistakes but they will never tolerate arrogance.  They will not accept if the ruling party restricts the democratic institutions.  BJP leaders appear to be forgetting that people will teach them a lesson in the elections if they try to act in an arrogant manner.

Modi government is already making several states angry with their unilateral decisions.. they are making people more angry with their statements. Apart from these things, there is widespread criticism on the BJP ruled states.  It is known bypolls were conducted for a few constituencies in UP, Bihar and results are being announced today.  All the eyes are on the results of these bypolls and the situation at these constituencies is drawing criticism.

It is known that the result trend of two constituencies in UP is showing that BJP is going to receive a huge shock as SP is clearly leading in the initial rounds of counting.  As the result trends turned out to be sensational, national media is giving high importance to the coverage of the vote counting.   BJP candidate is trailing in UP CM Yogi Adityanath's own constituency Gorakhpur.

Meanwhile, there is huge criticism on the government as media is not allowed to the vote counting centres. As soon as the result trends started coming out in the initial rounds, media was sent out.  Opposition Samajwadi Party staged a protest against the government for not allowing media at the counting centres.

SP leaders are protesting on the same issue in the parliament as well.  As per the available information, two BJP candidates are trailing in the UP bypoll counting.  As media was not allowed to enter the counting centre in Gorakhpur, result trends are not coming out.