Mighty blow to H1-B Visa Aspirants

Fri Jan 06 2017 21:28:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

A Bill recommending reforms in the H1-B Visa programme has been tabled in US Congress by Two Lawmakers. Two Major changes which come into effect if this Bill is passed - i) Increase in Minimum Salary of H1-B Visa to $100,000 per annum from current $60,000; ii) Elimination of Master's degree exemption.

The H1-B Visa reform bill is meant to ensure US Companies employ its citizens rather than recruiting skilled workers from other nations such as India. It would also address the alleged H1-B Visa abuse by few US Firms.

Congressman Scott Peters who is one of the two behind this bill claims preventing abuse of H1-B visa creates more jobs for Americans. The same bill was introduced in US Congress in July last year but got rejected. This time it is likely to get passed with President-elect Donald Trump pressing for stringent immigration laws and more jobs for Americans.