KTR Went To Them Only Once In America

Mon May 21 2018 17:24:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

No one can beat KTR in attending programme after programme.  Whenever there is an important event in Hyderabad city, KTR will be the chief guest.  There is even criticism on KTR that he is attending the programmes that were supposed to be attended by the CM.  We often see him at the international level events that are taking place in Hyderabad.  

He is giving an impression that why only CM should attend .. Minister KTR is there for handling such programmes.  KTR has become a specialist in mesmerising the people so that they will overlook the absence of CM KCR.   

KTR recently attended Telangana Excellency Awards function.  He revealed interesting things during his speech at the event.  He said that political parties are just focusing on the upcoming elections but they are not thinking about the future generations

He shared another interesting thing about his US stay.  He said that he stayed in the US for about 8 years but he has approached the government only once in those 8 years that too for his driving license.

Coming back to Telangana politics, he said that they have strong administration system and there is no need for the CM to hold regular meets like Rachabanda with the common people.

KTR said that centralisation of power is not good. Surprisingly many people comment that the same thing is happening in Telangana now.  On the other hand, KTR said that opposition is concentrating on politics but he conveniently forget the fact that his father completed Operation Aakarsh long back in Telangana.