I Will Burn GOs In AP Secretariat: TDP MLA

Mon Jul 16 2018 21:26:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

MLA Thota Trimurthulu breathed fire on the Irrigation Officials for neglecting the GOs issued for development works in his constituency. He complains Officials hasn't taken the matter seriously by raising queries even after GOs were issued for development works in Serilanka, Jonnada and Yanam.

The Legislator warned Officials that he won't mind burning GOs in the AP Secretariat if they continue to neglect them: 'CM has issued GOs one-and-a-half year ago. It's the responsibility of Officials to complete the works on time. People of Lanka Villages have been living in fear. CM sanctioned Rs 16.5 crore for Serilanka village, but no official cares about it. Rs 175 crore was sanctioned for road widening from Jonnada to Yanam, but nothing has been done so far. If the tenders aren't called and works don't start immediately, I would burn these GOs in the Secretariat. I won't mind even if State Government and Officials get hurt. Difficulties have been faced by people because of poor road connectivity. I was unable to answer when Serilanka Villagers questioned me about the unfinished works'.

Thota Trimurthulu is a ruling party legislator. He represents Ramachandrapuram Constituency in East Godavari district.