Modi Graph Declines - Rahul Graph Raises!

Sat Feb 17 2018 23:43:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

Modi hawa was clearly visible during 2014 General Elections. Post UP Assembly Polls, Analysts and even few Political Opponents predicted NaMo will have no opposition what-so-ever till 2024. Whereas, The graph of Modi kept dropping drastically in the recent past. On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi began emerging as a future PM since he took over the party reins.

People of India have the feeling that tall claims of Narendra Modi haven't come true in the past four years. During the same period, Rahul Gandhi showed remarkable maturity levels with the manner in which he is reacting on the flaws of NDA Government and BJP Leaders.

Indians are fuming at Narendra Modi for the way reforms like Demonetisation and GST were implemented. BJP escaped defeat in Gujarat Assembly Polls by just a slight margin even after Modi used the self-respect card. BJP failed to win by-election for two MP seats and one MLA seat in Rajasthan recently. Even the alliance partners like Shiv Sena, LJP, Akali Dal and TDP are distancing BJP.

Rahul Gandhi has been boosting the morale of Party Leaders and Workers assuring Congress would form Government in 2019. At the same time, Sonia Gandhi has been uniting Anti-Modi Parties. The popularity of Congress Prince kept increasing rapidly.

Certainly, Voters willn't fall for Modi's speeches or publicity stunts in next elections. There is no scope for creating wonders in the last year when nothing much was done in the four years. If this situation continues for the next six months or so, There will be every chance for a new government at the centre.