Move No Trust Motion against Modi Govt: PK

Sat Feb 17 2018 23:41:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

After the two-days brainstorming session of JFC Members, Pawan Kalyan accused Centre of not implementing the promises of AP Reorganisation Act 2014. 'Centre has backtracked after promising Special Package. We aren't able to receive it because of the failure of MPs. Special Status isn't anybody's personal issue. Why MPs are afraid to question the injustice done by Centre? Another issue like Telangana will surface if Rulers doesn't implement promises such as Special Status,' he warns.

Jana Sena Chief alleged Telugu MPs hadn't responded properly during the UPA tenure as well. 'Parliamentarians have been fearing to question the Government as they prefer personal interests over public welfare. The situation is no different whether its UPA or NDA at Centre. May be, Politicians might get benefitted from opportunistic politics but ultimately people would suffer. Failure in fulfilling the promises led to 'Jai Andhra' movement which claimed hundreds of lives. This repeated during the Telangana Movement as well. 10 lakh Telanganites stepped on the roads to say they want their state back. JFC is the first step to prevent any such movements in future,' he opined.

To a question, Pawan Kalyan made it clear TDP and YCP MPs should resign and move no-confidence motion against NDA Government if they are really committed for Special Status.

When asked about the deadline, Jana Sena Supremo informed deadline will be placed once after obtaining the JFC report.

PK found fault with TDP Government for not allotting land for IIM so far. 'When 200 acres were offered for private colleges in Amaravati, why don't AP Govt do the same for IIM instead of continuing it in Andhra University?,' he questioned.

TDP Government submitted 118-page report to JFC on Saturday having details about the allocation of funds, institutions and projects since 2014.