Mukesh Ambani's interesting take on Money!

Mon Mar 20 2017 15:58:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

Top industrialist and chairman of Reliance Industries Mukesh D. Ambani made interesting remarks on several topics like wealth, qualities of a businessman, future of India.. etc.  While speaking in the India Today Conclave 2017, he said  that.. In fact, money doesn't have value in my view.  My father used to say that..'if you take up any work just to earn money, you are a fool.  The reason is.. you can not become expert in any field.. you can not even earn money'.  

Mukesh revealed that he wanted to be in a teaching profession before taking up the responsibilities in Reliance Industries.  He said that before his father handed him over the responsibilities of Reliance, he wanted to work in either World Bank or join as a professor in some University.   

He said that "My wife Nita is presently doing the same. I will join with her soon and actively involve in the programmes of education sector.  It gives us immense satisfaction. We are going to interlink all the academic institutions across India.  We are going to provide data servies to 58 thousand colleges and 19 lakh schools in the country by interlinking them with Geo Network.  20 crore students will get data services because of this".

On the other hand, he made interesting comments on the troubles being faced by Indians in foreign countries.. "This is the right time to attact talented Indians who migrated to abroad.  If we can do this, they can comeback to India and they can serve the motherland.  Whatever be the motive behind their comeback.. they can make a difference in the lives of 130 crore indians. They can improve the standard of life here.  They can take India into a new heights of development.  Because 'Har Ek Ka Dil Hai Hindustani".

He also said that competitive Indians who has leadership experience in foreign countries are presently in crucial positions in Relaince.  He also revealed that two to three persons are joining in Reliance Industries monthly, who has past experience in foreign countries.  It is known that Mukesh recently commented that the restriction of H1B Visas imposed by  American president Donald Trump is a boon for India.