Pranay Murder: 1 Cr Supari, Killer Got Just 21K!

Thu Sep 20 2018 16:38:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

Honour Killing of Pranay in Miryalaguda created a sensation in the Telugu States. Amrutha's Father Maruthi Rao offered to pay Rs 1 crore to the Supari Killers if they get rid of Pranay. However, The actual Killer received not more than Rs 21,000 before the crime.

Rs 15 lakh Advance was paid to the killers by Maruthi Rao. This amount was shared by A3 Asgar Ali (Rs 8 lakh), A4 Bari (Rs 6 lakh) and A5 Karim (Rs 1 lakh). Sharma who was identified as the killer based on CCTV Footage received only Rs 21,000 as his payment. The trio promised to pay him Rs 10 lakh after they received the full amount from Maruthi Rao.

Actually, Sharma has been trying to kill Pranay since three months but missed the target in the first four attempts. He, however, finished his assignment on September 14th in the 5th attempt. Sharma told rest of the gang members that he would go to his home state if he misses the target in this attempt as well. Pranay could have been safe had if he escaped the assassination plot again.