World's Oldest Person Dies At 117

Sun Apr 22 2018 17:55:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nabi Tajima, who was World's Oldest Person, died at the age of 117. This Japanese Woman was bon on August 4th, 1900. She breathed her last at around 8 pm on Saturday at a hospital in Kikai Island.

In September 2015, Nabi Tajima was recognized as the Oldest Woman in Japan. She could also be the World's Oldest Woman ever since Jamaican national Violet Brown passed away in September 2017 at the age of 117. Guinness World Records kept enquiring who is the oldest person alive on earth after the death of Violet Brown. It hadn't recognised Nabi Tajima as World's Oldest Person so far. On April 10th, 112-Year-Old Masaza Nonaka of Japan was announced as World's Oldest Man by Guinness World Records.

Nabi Tajima used to live at a nursing centre for senior citizens. She was admitted to the local hospital after becoming so weak in January this year.

Japan is home for thousands of people aging 100-plus. Last year, Japan Government announced 68,000 people in the country aged 100 or more.